I Broke My Media Volume

Does it work yet?


If you can see this, it means I figured out how to solve the problem with my nginx container being unable to read the media volume from my Django/Wagtail container.


From my nginx logs:

2022/05/10 00:01:28 [error] 34#34: *4 open() "/app/media/images/disable_chat_files.width-800.png" failed (13: Permission denied), client:, server: averyuslaner.com, request: "GET /media/images/disable_chat_files.width-800.png HTTP/2.0", host: "averyuslaner.com", referrer: "https://averyuslaner.com/i-broke-my-media-volume/"

The static and media volumes are mounted to /app inside the nginx container. Their permissions:

root@e7b004ccbbb5:/# ls …