Django + Wagtail Custom Users

Because I'm willing to give myself a major headache for small gains.

The Problem

As I said in my last post, I'm aiming to add the ability for users to log in to the website using django-registration. It should be pretty simple, especially considering I got it working just fine on my nonprofit's website. Unfortunately, this website is essentially all about creating silly problems for myself so I can learn by fixing them. And thus, I have run into a problem that I did not …

Website updates

Because you can't have progress without a whole bunch of annoying things trying to stop you.

And we're back!

I'm finally coming back to my personal website so I can make it less bad. And more good.

I've spent the better part of two days updating all of the packages on the VPS as well as those in the python development environment. It's kind of just fun to update things. It makes me feel better.

With style

I refactored a bunch of the project code to better handle things like file …