Resizing Partitions

Reallocating disk space from home to root partition

The Background

On my recent Arch install, I decided to create separate partitions for my root and home directories. Unfortunately, I'm a dummy and only allocated 20 GB for the root partition. As it turns out, that's not enough for a proper workstation setup so now I have to fix my mistake.

The Fix

My particular install involves two usb drives, one with the Arch boot partition and the other with a cryptographic key to …

Setting up a Video Background Login Screen

Documenting my setup for creating a login screen with a video background.


Recently I was inspired to switch over to Arch Linux after seeing this post by u/EmpressNoodle over at /r/unixporn.

During my Arch install, I decided to use SDDM as my display manager. One of it's features is the ability to use videos as the background of the login screen so I figured I'd give that a go.


First, I had to decide on the base theme that I wanted to customize. My …