Docker-Compose in Production

Because just when I figured out Docker Cloud, they dropped support for it.

Production is like development but with more stress and frustration

Just when I had my Docker Cloud deployment all figured out, Docker went ahead and ruined everything by announcing they were dropping support for it in May. So here I am trying to figure out how to use Docker Compose in production. Luckily, I already had a working implementation of Docker Compose for development. Unfortunately, docker didn't want to make things too easy for …

Switching To Containerized Deployment

Deploying my docker containers with Docker Cloud.

Getting Started

Like so many of my projects, I'm coming back to this one after several months of not touching it so I need to reorient myself a bit and then continue stumbling forward until I end up with something that works. The end goal is to be able to deploy a series of docker containers that make up a web application using Docker Cloud.

So far I have three docker files; one for Postgres, …